Mardi Reed

I have always been drawn to nature and I am interested in the
details and the interconnectedness of the natural world. My
creative process begins with my relationship to the outdoors: 
running, walking and exploring smells, sights, sounds and light.  
The land, the ocean and the weather inspire me as I paint plein air
on Mohegan Island, Provincetown and Jamaica Pond.  I try to
convey the chi', the Chinese word for life force and energy, through
the process of woodcut prints. The sensory experience of carving the blocks, the smell of the wood and the feel of the grain became a meditative experience. Please call to make an appointment to visit my studio, Puddingstone Studio in
Jamaica Plain.

Mardi began keeping a “visual journal” drawing spontaneous
marks in a diary format at Goddard College.  The journal later
informed her thesis at Mass College of Art, where she received the
Robert Cory Award for innovative study.  Mardi has exhibited and
taught workshops for 30 years in New England and Mexico.   She
teaches     Watercolor from Within     to senior residents at the Mount
Pleasant Home in Jamaica Plain and recently completed teaching
a course at the Connolly Branch of the Boston Public Library called
Drawing and Journaling for Seniors.