Jamie Kendrioski

I am a native Ohioan who moved to New England in 2007 and to Boston in 2010. I am married to a wonderful man and we are both madly in love with JP.

A career in higher education has afforded me the privilege of doing what I love- supporting international students, students of under-represented populations as well as helping all students develop empathy, curiosity and the skills to thrive in our diverse and complex world.  I feel most myself when training/speaking/facilitating in front of a large group; and equally when alone in my basement studio, painting. 

I primarily paint with oil on canvas. I usually don’t overthink my paintings, often starting a piece without knowing what will emerge. I find the most joy and relaxation in mixing colors, moving the paint around and watching forms come into being. It is an opportunity to shut out the rest of the world, get messy and PLAY.