Stacey Messier

"So much of our culture is defined by complex messages illustrated through strategic colors, simple symbols and evocative shapes. I ask, how can we push the messages that move us, keep us afloat when we feel underwater, and above all remind us that we are human, to be greater than words once said?

I translate the energy and story behind found quotes and phrases through geometric shapes and lines drenched in saturated hues. This body of work stems from my past as a graphic designer, singer, and quilter. It connects my expertise in visual symbolism with the nuanced study of voice, all of which exposes itself through a color palette that has forever followed my hand across fabric, pixels, and paint.

Ultimately my aspiration is to make abstract art not just accessible but a method of communication – where the viewer receives a renewed sense of the message, meaning, and application, perhaps carrying this sentiment home into their own life."

Stacey is a 2005 graduate of the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, with a BFA in Painting.