Ilene Perlman


My passion as a documentary photojournalist stems from the thrill of capturing an unexpected moment.  Whether traveling to Peru for an adventure travel company, traversing rural India documenting health programs for an NGO, wandering the labyrinth of the old city in Cairo for an in-flight magazine, or seeking out Jewish communities in Morocco, Ethiopia, Cuba, and more I cherish the moments not predicted on my itinerary.

My recent collages are also an extension of these photographic sojourns as well.  I bring the images home and on those that I feel need more I add layers to the image using a variety of materials.  These collages are my attempt to convey the frenzied energy everywhere including the streets, markets, and other community locations.  I work small and then re-shoot the original collage adding more layers so that each one is one of a kind.  My digital collages also reflect the same process.

Through my photography and my collages I hope to pass on to the viewer all the warmth, tension, spontaneity, and happiness that I see and feel in these moments.  I hope you enjoy the moments as well.

Enjoy my explorations!