Jessica Burko

Inspired by memory, personal history, self-reflection, and the theater of the domestic, my work reveals non-linear narratives loud with laughter, tears, work, and vivid dreams. I use discarded materials in many of my visual narratives as a way to reclaim the past and blend it with the present. The results of up cycling found materials and combining them with original photographic images are winding blends of dream, fantasy, illusion, and history, forming a reality of old, new, lost, and found. My paper quilts are stitched with thread and these works directly bring together the past and future, attached firmly at the seams. Stitching, collaging, and layering in this work unifies discarded aspects of life, pieces of domestic space, and non-traditional portraits, both real and imagined. The encaustic collage work that I do combines photographic self-portraits with mark-making and original text that both embody a frenzy and a quiet that often colors a complicated and untamed life.

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