Amy Hitchcock

I started making assemblages in 2001 soon after I discovered the work of
Joseph Cornell.  Right from the start I was smitten and realized that there was a higher calling for my collection of sewing notions, bisque doll parts and my coffee tin of old nails. I usually find my “materials” at second hand shops, from family and friends, and walking around the neighborhood on trash night.
When I start my work, I’m often inspired by a photograph and see it as the
subject.  From there, found objects are added to support the photograph and create a story that either I planned or emerged as I worked on the assemblage. Found objects are fascinating!  Banal by nature, they are often beautiful and rich in history. But above  all, it’s the found object’s ability  to evoke memories and tell stories, that keeps me looking for that perfect wooden box and bundle of old photographs.