Kim Andrea

I have long been attracted to symbolic imagery. For some reason, over the years, figure studies, landscapes and still lifes have always brought me back to a desire to examine the powerful language of simple geometric forms.  

Through this series of gouache on paper paintings, I am immersed in the suggestive meanings of simple shapes in compositions of vivid color. They become explorations of sensual experience, qualities of perception, examinations of integral relationships, and statements on the human condition.  I call this series “Geometries”.    

There are over 35 works planned for this series.  The first 8 works were recently debuted at the Art For Cultural Inclusion Symposium held at UMass, Boston, on November 22, 2016. 

Combined and recombined, with color and composition, these shapes act for me as a personal language.  It is my hope that each image communicates something as profound to the viewer as the experience that laid them on paper.